Sampurna Montfort College is proud of its eco-friendly, serene & peaceful environment. The college is strictly Alcohol and Tobacco free zone. Defacing any part of the campus or littering is treated as an offence.

Deeply committed to upholding the value system of Sampurna, the college expects its students to conduct themselves in a worthy manner in their dress, demeanor and sense of discipline. They must treat everyone with respect and dignity. Students should maintain a sense of decorum and discipline at all times both inside and outside the college. Those who are guilty of serious misconduct or whose presence in the college is detrimental to the order and discipline on the campus are liable to be expelled.

Students are expected to make use of the library during free periods. Students must possess their identity cards, whenever they come to the college and show it to the persons concerned whenever asked for.

Code of conduct on the campus includes safeguarding the college property, keeping the place clean and tidy and dressing up decently. “Students are expected to be dressed professionally when in campus“.

Montfort College does not collect any donation / capitation fees other than those stipulated as the semester fees