MONTFORT COLLEGE, Bengaluru, affiliated to Bengaluru North University, is an institution that offers Post Graduate Programmes in Psychological Counselling and Psychology.

Montfort College is the first ‘post-graduate’ training institution in India. It addresses the large
requirement of trained psychological counsellors for educational, family, health care and
industrial settings. Montfort College has pioneered counsellor education training in India
since 1995.

ANTIDOTE MENTAL HEALTH: Antidote represents an inner journey of awareness and
growth, a progress, a transformation that leads you towards your goals. We believe in a
preventive, remedial and developmental approach to your emotional wellbeing. It is a way of
preventing difficult life situations by developing hope, a new beginning, a positive movement,
and a move towards a better future.

Course overview

The program’s curriculum will include history and theory of art therapy; practice or
techniques in art therapy; practical application of art therapy in a variety of treatment settings
such as a mental health institute, educational institute, or a private practice; understanding
of group art therapy, as well as counselling methods and skills; standards of practice in the
art therapy field.

Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy that utilises art and artistic mediums to help people
explore their thoughts and emotions in a unique way. The idea behind this type of therapy is
to use art as a primary means of communication, something that can be useful for those who
find it difficult to verbalise their feelings. Being practical and using physical objects, such as
paintbrushes and paper, often helps people to feel more connected to the world around
them; (by use of art) standards of practice in the art therapy field.


Course Objective


  1. Provide a solid theoretical and ethical base upon which to practice as an Art Therapist.
  2. To introduce basic concepts of Art therapy and how it can be used for people of all ages
    to assist in improving personal growth and insight, processing of traumatic experiences
    and resolving of inner conflicts.
  3. To offer students far-reaching opportunities to learn and experience a range of verbal
    and non-verbal art therapy approaches, as well as therapeutic interventions used in
    different educational and clinical settings.
  4. To provide an overview of various techniques of art therapy used for assessment and
  5. Participants can expect to be exposed to experiences that may stimulate their emotions
    and provide openings for self-disclosure.
  6. There will be opportunities to demonstrate how well modules are understood, and put
    into practice what has been learned.

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Last date to apply and course commencement – 5th December 2020


Learning Outcome

  • The participants will learn to understand drawings and interpretations of drawings and what
    to look for in drawings to achieve the task of understanding client’s world better.
  • They would have a broad introduction to art therapy, based on which participants would
    have opportunity to experiment the use of arts for human transformation and emotional
    healing so that they can synthesize their personal experience with conceptual learning.


This course is suitable for Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare workers, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Teachers, School Counsellors and anyone interested in Art Therapy or graduate in any stream of studies.

Last date to Apply : 5th December 2020
Commencement of course : 5th December 2020

Course timings : Every Saturday-1.00 pm to 5.00 pm (Online through Zoom)
Duration : 50 hours of online classes (4 hours/week, approximately 3-4 months)
Course Fee : Rs. 25,000/- (10% discount for registration done before 21st December 2020)


  • Admission Fee: Rs.250/- to be paid in cash/NEFT / DD drawn in favour of Montfort College, Bangalore (Non-refundable).
  • Application can be submitted online
  • The Course will be conducted only if there are a minimum of 10 participants. If not the course fee paid will be completely refunded.
  • Once the course commences cancellation of enrollment and refund of course fee will not be entertained.

Teaching Pedagogy

Case studies, discussions, online resources, projects, role plays etc.


The criteria for assessment vary for each certificate programme; candidates requested to check the course contents and assessment criteria for each.

Eligibility for Certification

Course participant should secure a minimum of 50 marks at the end of the evaluation process to be eligible for certification. Minimum required attendance for successful completion of the course is 80%.

Award of Certificates

Certificate is issued by Montfort College, Bangalore, within one month on successful completion of the Course and evaluation process.

Classes conducted by

Dr.Anuradha Kabra Ph.D and Ms.Anupama Bajaj

Dr. Anuradha Kabra
Ph.D in Clinical Psychology/psychiatry, M.Phil., MA Gold Medallist.

Her educational background is exemplary bringing along, wide experiences from prestigious institutes like BHU, CIP, NIMHANS, Manipal Hospital, and Apollo hospital . She had obtained her masters in Clinical Psychology and M. Phil with a final crowning of her academic career in Clinical Psychology from Banaras Hindu University where she was awarded her Ph. D in Clinical psychology and psychiatry. Her professional carrier reached its nadir when she was made a Fellow of American Psychological Association and her license to practice in the state of New York, USA is an added asset for us to look at a person exposed to international practices. She is a skilful clinician, trained and competent with a wide variety of populations. She has been practicing evidence based clinical psychology for last 20 years. She strives to work with people in a holistic manner and environment. Enhancing and encouraging mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, while keeping in mind quality of life issues, and to help educate people on Wellness.

Ms. Anupama Bajaj
Masters degree in psychology and Diploma in Counselling Skills with specialization in Child & Adolescent counselling, and Couples & Family counselling.

She helps people overcome their personal barriers to self-growth, by confronting, challenging, and possibly changing, their own beliefs, perceptions and stereotypes, to catapult themselves into a faster and more fulfilling orbit of personal growth. She also has extensive experience working with children and adolescents as a school counsellor for many years. Anupama is certified Art Therapist who has been using art therapy with proven success in varied clinical population. She is certified trainer for Life skills for adolescence from NIMHANS and has been a corporate trainer for last 10 years.

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Ms.Annet Shaju, Assistant Professor
Phone : 080 2528 4050/ 2528 3320 / 88678 13521
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