1. Partners

The Montfort College, Bangalore – affiliated to Bengaluru North University – is an institution that offers Post Graduate Programmes in Psychology at the Masters levels.

Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai is an Indian Psychodrama Training institute with training centers and groups at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mangalore and Delhi. Psychodrama was invented by Dr. J L Moreno in the 1921. Since 2008 Prof. Dr. Becker-Ebel, the founder, CEO and director of Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. teaches Psychodrama in Germany as a certified teacher. Since 2012 he integrated Indian cultural aspects in his teaching under the Name “Vedadrama”. 2018.

2. Course and Objectives

DCP (online diploma course in psychodrama, 120 training hours, 24 modules plus practicals of 120 hours over six months to one year) is aimed at psychotherapists and counsellors.

After graduating in DCP in advanced studies the DCP students can go for CP (Psychodrama Director – certified practitioner in psychodrama, 880 training hours).

DCP has been proven to promote creativity and social skills and empathy. DCP is action based and enhances human interaction. This is how Psychodrama consolidates and extends its own counsellors’ role.

The DCP Group becomes a learning field of personal experience and professional reflection of one’s own experience of and in groups both at the participant level and in counselling/ group-psychotherapy. The experience of online learning is new, but has shown to be apt to have this experience too.

The three primary objectives of the international Diploma Course Psychodrama are:

  1. To support already partly skilled participants to deliver an enhanced quality communication and therapy, psychotherapy, and counselling in the sectors of general health, personality related issues and in working places
  2. To support the participants to fulfil the basic skills of psychodrama inclusive helping them to understand and prepare their roles in a setup, to deliver apt services.
  3. To support the participants to experience and reflect and later guide group processes of therapy groups and thus improve their therapeutic leadership skills.

Last day for application
March 1st 2021 at 6:00 PM IST
Orientation and Inauguration of the programme on March 6th 2021
at 4:30 PM IST

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3. Eligibility for admission to the Course

  • A Bachelor’s Degree, in any discipline from a recognized University/College. Preference will be given to those with work experience in clinical, social, developmental and coaching settings.
  • The student must work (or intent to work) in the field of psychotherapy and counselling
  • The student has to have a sound mind set up (presently not under psycho-mental prescriptions), can have had psychotherapy himself/herself, but not during the time of the course.
  • The student must be willing to entre self-exploration and feel comfortable with self-exploration within the learning group.
  • Reservation of seats and other concessions for the S.C., S.T., M.B.C., B.C., and other special categories of candidates may be provided in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Govt. in force from time to time.

4. Medium of Instruction: English

5. Number of Seats

Twenty-one Number of seats (21) out of which SC-1, ST-1 and Persons with Disability (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act (1995) – 1 should be reserved.

6. Duration of the Course

The course has twenty four academic online modules from March to November 2021:

  • Modul 1 to 6: (40 teaching hours): Introduction and Sociometry
  • Modul 7 to 12: (40 teaching hours): Role reverse and Doubling
  • Modul 13 to 18: (40 teaching hours): Stage, Protagonist Play, 1 to 1 setting,
  • Modul 19 to 24: (40 teaching hours): Surplus reality, application, exam

If any of the modules is missed, this module can be taken at other places of offers of such courses with Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. as to reach the minimal attendance.

7. Examination

In the end of the whole course each participant gets an oral feedback of co-participants and trainer. There will be a short oral online exam (10 minutes). Prior to that, a short case study (max 5 pages) has to be handed in. The participation in the course and exam gives the right to continue for further studies for CP, which will be completed with oral and written exam after 4 years.

8. Attendance

A candidate has to secures not less than 80% of attendance to attain a diploma. (see above No. 6)

9. Course of Study

In addition to these 24 online modules of 4 times hours (5 teaching hours plus 15 minutes break) there is a practical part of the study:

  • 10 meetings of 5 teaching hours (4-time hours) of intervention and peer learning
  • 50 teaching hours of individual learning (reading, preparation of a sociogram, genogram and others)
  • 20 teaching hours of compiling a short case study.

10. Readings

Course Reading are provided

11. Conduct of Examination

There will be no formal written exam. The exam consists in the handing over of an apt case study and the short oral exam (10 minutes).

12. Fee

The consolidated fee for the Diploma Course in Psychodrama per student is Rs. 45,000 & GST (Rupees Forty five thousand only). This to be paid as Bank transfer or Demand Draft drawn in Favor of “Sampurna Montfort College” only.

There will be a limited number of scholarships for the students and Alumni of Montfort College.

13. Certificate /Affiliations

  • The student gets a DCP Diploma issued by Montfort College jointly with the German PIB and the Indian Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vedadrama India is an educational / affiliated / institutional member of IAC, IAGP, ASGPP and ISPS.
  • The German Partner PIB as accrediting partner of Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. is accredited with the local German Medical Council.