Anything becomes full (‘Sampurna’) when there is an all-round growth and happiness around. It is said in the Holy Bible that the truth should liberate and make you FREE. Following and keeping the rules and expectations of a family, society and or institution is for creating an atmosphere of happiness and growth in the person. Mahatria, a famous Guru, said ‘Growth is not taught but growth is caught’. Any person can be taught rules or regulations but only if that person catches the meaning behind what is written in the rule or what is expected from it, he/she can grow. So, my expectation is that all the students of this esteemed institution grow into a responsible adult. More so, a self-disciplined and enlightened Counsellor by living the expected responsible life. The same Guru, Mahatria, says that expectation is to be explicit and made clearly known to the person, who follows a path of growth and life.

Let St. Montfort, the inspiration and the cause of this institution be our role model. God bless all of us.

Rev.Bro. Mathew Pannathanath SG