SampurnaMontfort College is an educational institution. Students are Psychologists/ Counsellors-In-Trainings; representing the profession and the college in a number of ways during the course of their training. Therefore, maintaining a professional appearance is very important for the professional development of the students.

All students are expected to present a professional image in the classroom, to clients at practicum sites and to other organizations where they may be representing the college. Thus, it is important for all students to be dressed appropriately and present a well-groomed appearance at college every day.

Students are not permitted to wear any religious attire while on campus. The college respects every religion and does not discriminate against any religion. It is because we wish to create a student community without divisions based on religion, culture, class, genderor social status and to ensure that students do not get discriminated against that we strictly enforce a secular dress code. All students are expected to follow the common dress code. Indian or western attire of formal, semi-formal/ casual nature is welcome, as along the clothes abide by the general guidelines.  Students have to ensure that the clothes they wear cover the portions of their body that are indicated by the pictures.

In addition, the following kinds of clothes are prohibited:

  • Clothes that are worn-out, torn, frayed, have patches, or holes
  • Party wear, Pyjamas, work-out clothes, track suits, sweat pants, and other such nightwear and sports wear
  • Clothes with offending/ demeaning messages/ images
  • Hats, caps, scarves, or any other kind of head covering
  • Flip-flops and bathroom slippers

Irrespective of the purpose of the visit to the campus, students are expected to follow the dress code on all working days.  Violation of the dress-code will result in strict disciplinary measures.