Welcome to Sampurna Montfortian Family to an exciting and challenging journey of self-discovery to realize your strengths and potential to the full. You are from today part of a noble vision that has 300 years of tradition and heritage. It also has a record of 300 years of service to the humanity in manifold ways. The Montfortian Vision that took birth in 1673 grew into a tangible sign of hope and reality by 1716 in the person of St. Montfort. And today in our world, it is a powerful presence of healing, hope, and empowerment for thousands of people of all religions, cultures, races and nationalities. This Montfortian vision today has spread its branches into 34 countries of the five continents.Sampurna Montfort is one of them.

Here in Sampurna, we strive to provide you with such an ambience and promote holistic education to facilitate you in your quest for excellence.My greetings to the new entrants to Sampurna Montfort College.Welcome and feel at home. Sampurna Montfort is not an average college; it is an awesome college. We invite to become part of our vision. For we are committed to our Vision : Liberation with Enlightenment, and we strive for the holistic development of our students, and it is up to each one of you to reap the benefits of the rich tradition and culture this Institution has built up over the years.

As you embark on this all-important journey of your student life, I invite you to avail of every opportunity provided here and to apply your mind and heart to the task at hand. All that you learn here at Sampurna Montfort is meant to be at the service of our peoples in the world; the training here is to enable you to serve and promote life in all its forms- community of life, as we call it.

May your life at Sampurna be an experience of joy and fulfilment for you. May you become enlightened and empowered and contribute your share in promoting peace, harmony and well-being by becoming a brother or sister to all.

May all beings be happy.

I wish you a successful academic year ahead. 

Yours in the cause of Montfortian Education,

 Bro. Victor Raj SHJ