The Montfort Counselling Centre was founded in January, 2009, by Sampurna Montfort College.

The aim of Montfort Counselling Centre is to provide quality therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families, by helping them build more resources withing themselves and their environment.  The objective is to journey alongside clients, remove barriers to their growing potential, and to feel more equipped to find their way in the world.

What is Counselling? 

Counselling is a therapeutic process that is aimed at empowering individuals and families to overcome any emotional issues affecting their well-being or hindering their potential at school, college, workplace, family, and with other relationships. Counselling is a confidential engagement with a professional counsellors equipped to take one one a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Who Needs Counselling?

Counselling is helpful for anyone facing difficulties with day-to-day issues such as difficulties with studies, or at school, work-stress, relationship issues, marital conflicts, and emotional stress.  Counselling will help individuals and families understand their issues and enable them to handle their situations better, and realize their potential.

Montfort Counselling Centre follows the highest standards that have been laid down in the field of Counselling & Psychology. The confidentiality of clients is respected at all times. The psychologists at Montfort Counselling Centre have received professional training in the field, undergo continued education & training, and are supervised closely to ensure high quality of service. The psychologists engaged with the centre strive for multicultural competence in providing psychological services.

Professionals engaged with Montfort Counselling Centre, speak a wide variety of Indian languages and are respectful of all cultural, sexual, and religious orientations.

Psychological Assessments

In keeping with the traditions of psychology, the institute provides various psychological assessments under the aegis of Montfort Counselling Centre.
Contact the clinical coordinator for assessments, costs and appointments.

[Please note: Kindly contact the nearest hospital, if you’re faced with an emergency, Montfort Counselling Centre is not equipped to handle any medical emergencies.]

Contact us

Services at Montfort Counselling Centre are available only with a prior appointment. You can make an appointment by calling/emailing or by visiting the office in person, during office hours.

CENTRE TIMINGS: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Mon-Sat).
(Montfort Counselling Centre remains closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)

PHONE: +91-80-25283320, 25284050


ADDRESS: 184, Old Madras Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 038, India.
(Near Swami Vivekananda Metro Station)

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