In line with the notification dated 6th October 2017, from the Registrar, Bangalore North University regarding the prevention of caste based discrimination; Montfort College (MC) hereby places on record its commitment to strive towards preventing caste based discrimination in all its academic activities.

Specifically, MC is committed to the following aspects:

  • The Officials/Faculty members will refrain from any act of discrimination against SC/ST students on grounds of their social origin.
  • Anybody who experiences or comes to know of any caste based discrimination in the College is requested to immediately bring it to the notice of the authorities / Cell.
  • Online complaints can be lodged using the link provided below
  • Complaints can also be lodged using the complaint register maintained at the Office of the Principal.
  • The Officials/Faculty will not indulge in any kind of discrimination against any community or category of students.

Montfort College has constituted a cell to prevent caste-based discrimination, with the following members:-


S.N Name Contact Details
1 Dr. S.V. SuryarekhaProfessor, Montfort College Convener 9901336093
2 Dr. P. SudhamayiAsst. Professor, Montfort College Faculty Representative 7022270876
3 LalropuiiAsst. Professor, Montfort College Faculty Representative 9916422647
4 Bro. Thomas,K.M. Management Representative 9445826079

The above Cell will meet as and when it is required and reviews all the complaints received and take/suggest remedial measures.

Any kind of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender or disability (Under Prevention, Prohibition and Redresser Act) is strictly prohibited in Montfort College. MC will be very sensitive while dealing with incidents of caste discrimination and strict action will be taken against such cases. The Officials/faculty members should also desist from any act of discrimination against SC/ST students on grounds of their social origin.

Complaint form for caste based discrimination