Selection criteria for Management seats

Candidates must submit an application duly completed along with all necessary documents as listed in the application form. The College Admissions Committee selects 50% of the total intake while the remaining 50% of the seats are filled up by Bengaluru North University.

For the management seats, the college considers the candidates on three separate measures:performance on an entrance test, performance in an interview conducted by the College Admissions Committee, and the academic aggregate of the undergraduate marks. The weightageis 50% for the entrance test, 30% for academic aggregate and 20% for the interview.

Eligible candidates are ranked based on the above criteria. The selected candidates are listed on the College Notice Board and informed.

Montfort College is a Christian Minority Institution and therefore, 50% of the management seats are reserved for Christians. For the remaining 50% of the management seats, the reservation policy of the affiliating university is followed. The college reserves the right to fill up the unfilled reserved seats with candidates from the general merit quota, a norm that Bengaluru North University also follows.

The decisions of the College Admissions Committee are final and binding in all matters related to admission and selection.