We envision mental and emotional well-being in society. The broad vision of Montfort College is expressed in its motto “Liberation with Enlightenment


Our mission is to train psychologists and counsellors with personal integration and professional competence; to provide contextually relevant, socially inclusive and affordable mental healthcare support to all in need.




We aim to promote mental health and emotional well-being in society as well as advancement of learning and understanding. We endeavour to train personally integrated, emotionally balanced, professionally competent, socially committed and empathetic psychologists and counsellors.

Our Objectives

We intend to provide an ambience of quiet learning; friendly and free interaction among students and faculty, to:
  • Achieve adequate mental formation of students towards selfawareness and personal integration.
  • Achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and research.
  • Enthuse them in the promotion of holistic mental and emotional health.
  • Provide experiential and skill-based training.
  • Apply advances in learning and knowledge to the relevant fields of work.
  • Promote excellence in the fields of psychology and counselling.
  • Become uncompromising in respect for the individual and develop a genuine feeling of compassion for the marginalized and the needy.

Our Focus and Thrust

Montfort College envisions Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Society. The activities of the college are distinctive because it trains only post graduate students only in the areas of counselling and psychology. Two activities that best capture the vision, priority, and thrust are Personal Counselling and Children’s Day.

Personal counselling Bala Mela
Montfort College mandates personal therapy for all students. Students seeking to train in mental health and become mental health professionals need to be mentally healthy themselves. To this end, the college has mandated personal therapy for all students studying in the college.

This ensures that students have the opportunities to work on their own issues at an individual level and they are less likely to carry these issues to their work with their clients. The college provides students a list of competent, recognized therapists/ counsellors from which they can choose their therapist.

Many of these therapists provide their services at lower costs to our students so that it does not burden the students financially. Since we envision mental health and emotional wellbeing in society, beginning with the mental health of our own students is a clear activity in line with the vision. This activity is not a requirement of the university nor does any other college offering similar courses require their students to mandatorily go through personal therapy, so it is distinctive and unique to our institution.

Every year, Montfort College students organize Bala Mela, a children’s day outreach programme. This activity brings together 400-800 orphaned, underprivileged children from different parts of Bangalore and engages them in a day of fun and frolic. The student volunteers organize various fun-filled activities for the children meant to simply help them laugh. A group 5 children are assigned a “kid buddy” from among the student volunteers.

Kid buddies monitor the children throughout the day and also encourage them to participate actively in all the events. These kid buddies are also available to the children if they need any help. The college raises funds to give the children good meals and gifts. The college also organizes transport of the children to and from their residences. This activity not only helps create a sense of wellbeing in the orphaned and underprivileged children, but it also improves the empathy and care of our own students.

This is surely a great thrust towards improving mental health and emotional wellbeing in society. This is neither a requirement by the university nor its curriculum. This activity is one of our most significant contributions to society.